Our approach

Our Approach

Haymann Editions is a contemporary furniture maker and design studio based in Paris. Founded in 2012 by David Haymann, the brand aims at merging traditional techniques with modern technology, Haymann Editions's approach to production bridges the past with the present. By utilizing the best from both the old and new, Haymann is actively preserving traditional skills while also pushing the limits of what is possible with 21st century tools.

Products by Haymann Editions come from various inspirations based on each designer's history. With each new design, Haymann remains focused on keeping a global coherence in the collection as used to do the "French Ensemblier". During the development process, all Haymann's pieces are meticulously refined through a close collaboration process between the designers and the manufacturers.

All Haymann's products have been manufactured by the best Italian manufacturers in Italy in the Brianza region

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