From Ex VAT

Like a symphony of curves and roundness, the Emma armchair unfolds a delicate invitation to tranquility and comfort within an interior that seeks to be embracing and benevolent. It embodies much more than a mere piece of furniture; it suggests a dialogue with history, subtly evoking audacity and freedom.

With its generous and welcoming silhouette, it also narrates another story, that of a time when taboo flirted with nonchalance, when eroticism adorned itself with a singular elegance. In a subtle wink, it awakens in us memories of an iconic poster, that of the first mainstream erotic film of the 1970s, “Emmanuelle”, on which Sylvia Kristel, in an act of artistic transgression, bares her breasts, leaning against a rattan armchair, a symbol of lightness and exoticism.

Thus, the Emma armchair delicately reminds us that the objects that populate our daily lives are much more than mere accessories; they are mirrors of our dualities, our buried desires, and our unspoken dreams.

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